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Updated April 13, 2014.
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Celebrating 22 years of sharing our Natural Heritage!

BIRDING PUERTO RICO is a small company offering private tours to individuals and
small groups with low-impact activities.  We aim at all times to adhere to the following
code in our operations:

  • Promoting tourism that is economically productive, socially responsible and
    environmentally friendly
  • Encouraging considerate, culturally and environmentally conscious habits
    amongst those who travel with us Involving local population in our tourism
    projects and offerings
  • Providing regular training to our staff in the principles and practices of
    responsible tourism
  • Encouraging continuing education to our staff
  • Ensuring that our guides, interpreters, and leaders pass on to our clients an
    insight and understanding of our country.
  • Insisting that our business partners meet our own high environmental and
    social standards, and that, where necessary, they receive training to improve
    their understanding of the issues.
"As the path of the birds in the air or of fishes in the water is invisible, even so is the path of the possessors of wisdom."
We operate tourism that fosters understanding, appreciation and conservation of our
unique Natural and Cultural Heritage.  We operate in a socially and environmentally
responsible manner.  We  promote the welfare of birds and their environment.  As
part of our sustainable tourism approach, we sponsor local businesses operated by
their owners, who are residents of the areas we include in our itineraries.

All our Guides live in Puerto Rico.  Not only we know the best spots to find the birds,
but we also know our history and culture.