After twelve years, two juvenile
Greater Flamingos were seeing in
Puerto Rico in June, 2008.  The
picture below was taken on
January 25, 2009, in the North of
Puerto Rico (Camuy).  The above
picture was taken in June, 2009;
the right, on August, 2009.
  1. White Ibis / Ibis (Coco) Blanco
  2. Glossy Ibis / Ibis (Coco) Prieto
  3. Roseate Spoonbill / Espátula Rosada (A)
  4. Caribbean Flamingo / Flamenco (R)
  5. Limpkin / Carrao
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T = Threatened Species

  • White-cheeked Pintail

  • Broad-winged Hawk
    (Puerto Rico race)

  • Black Rail

  • Caribbean Coot

  • Snowy Plover

  • Roseate Tern

  • White-crowned Pigeon

  • Elfin-Woods Warbler
C = Critically Endangered

  • Puerto Rican Parrot

  • Puerto Rican Screech Owl
    (Virgin Islands race)

  • Yellow-shouldered Blackbird

E = Endangered

  • West Indian Whistling-Duck

  • Sharp-shinned Hawk
    (Puerto Rico race)

  • Plain Pigeon

  • Puerto Rican Nightjar
Puerto Rican Avifauna
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"As the path of the birds in the air or of fishes in the water is invisible, even so is the path of the possessors of wisdom."
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All photographic material in this website is copyrighted by BIRDING PUERTO RICO and/or its contributing
photographers.   Photos should not be reproduced or exploited in any way without written permission from
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# 6 - Ibises, Spoonbill, Flamingo, Limpkin
It was on July, 2012, that Hilda found a
Limpkin in Luquillo.  Field guides included
this bird in the list of extirpated species in
our territory.  After this important event,
the Limpkin has been found in different
sites around the mainland of Puerto Rico.  
For more information, visit this