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"As the path of the birds in the air or of fishes in the water is invisible, even so is the path of the possessors of wisdom."
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In October, 1992, Excursiones Guariquén was born as the first receptive
tour operator in the western coast of Puerto Rico. We chose the word
guariquén" which in Arawak language means "look" or "come here and

Pioneers in the region, the initial objective of our company was the
development of a new and responsible way of doing tourism towards the
exploring and recognition of the natural history of our area and our Taíno
roots.  We started catering the needs of locals with a complete program of
tours and expeditions departing from Mayagüez.  Nevertheless, our
commitment with the region gained us islandwide reputation with the
creation of "La Ruta del Café" and
birding trips, which we have been
since 1992.

One year later,
AdvenTours was born (1993) as a result of the requests
we had for
soft adventure experiences from international travelers.  We
kept our operation small to guarantee the quality of our service, catering
individuals and small groups.

We expanded our wings in
1997 offering our services to the hotels located
from San Juan to Fajardo.  In 2001, we established a partnership with the
US Forest Service and by 2002 we opened a main office in the east in
order to offer night hikes at El Yunque.


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Updated March 31, 2021.
My Mother inspired me to what I´m today.
Hilda Nieves (1928-2011).
My mother Hilda Nieves, Angie Comas,
Chef Norma Llop, Magda Vázquez, Ive
Gayá, Luis Quiñones, Raymond &
Lilliam Ruiz, Mildred, Rosana & Virginia;
Pablo Cruz, Carolyn Krupp, Rafael &
Magda Colón, and Susan Soltero.

...especially GOD!
Special thanks to those
who believed in us!!!
Gay friendly
We are a fully licensed tour operator with Certified Guides
and Drivers by the Government and with all necessary
permits and endorsements to offer our services at El
Yunque National Forest, Medio Mundo and Daguao, Laguna
Cartagena & Cabo Rojo Fish and Wildlife National Refuges.

Join me in this unique experience through different birding
sites in Puerto Rico, including several BirdLife IBA´s.

Hilda Morales, Owner and Birding Host
All photographic material in this website is copyrighted by BIRDING PUERTO RICO and/or its contributing
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About us
Company background
Birds, nature, culture, and regional cuisine.

Administrative Office Hours (Atlantic Time)
2:00 PM - 10:00 PM   Monday - Friday

Phone & Voice Mail
(787) 530-8311
hilda [at] birdingpr [dot] com
Cruise passenger, do
you want to go

BIRDING PUERTO RICO operates tourism that fosters understanding, appreciation
and conservation of our avifauna and environment  of our country.  We operate in a
socially and environmentally responsible manner.  

Our efforts are focused in the direct economic benefits that the community will have
and the contribution to environmental and cultural conservation awareness.  We aim
to operate beyond best practice guidelines and will be monitoring our operations

OUR STAFF consists of a group of professionals (Certified Interpretive Tour Guides,
Biologists, and Naturalists that will make your dream vacation a real and
unforgettable experience.  For more information on our staff, please visit this


BIRDING PUERTO RICO is a small company offering private birding trips to individuals
and small groups.  We aim at all times to adhere to the following code in our

  • Promoting tourism that is economically productive, socially responsible and
    environmentally friendly
  • Encouraging considerate, culturally and environmentally conscious habits
    amongst those who travel with us Involving local population in our tourism
    projects and offerings
  • Providing regular training to our staff in the principles and practices of
    responsible tourism
  • Encouraging continuing education to our staff
  • Ensuring that our guides, interpreters, and leaders pass on to our clients an
    insight and understanding of our country.
  • Insisting that our business partners meet our own high environmental and
    social standards, and that, where necessary, they receive training to improve
    their understanding of the issues.
Transportation is available
from San Juan, Mayagüez,
Ponce, and Fajardo ports.   
All our vehicles comply
with Government´s
© 1992 - 2018, Birding PUERTO RICO.
787.530.8311 (2:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Monday thru Friday)
And the family keeps growing.  We rescue another
dog on January 6, 2016.  The puppy arrived to our
home at 2 AM.  Welcome, Manchita!