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"As the path of the birds in the air or of fishes in the water is invisible, even so is the path of the possessors of wisdom."
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Birds, nature, culture, and regional cuisine.
Updated March 31, 2021
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Do you want to go birding and are looking for a
partner travel companion?  
Contact us for
details.  Birding trip should be made any time
from April through May, 2016.
  • 6d/5n GO BIRDING! - Add one more
    night and go for those birds that are
    difficult to find, spend more time looking
    for your favorite birds.  This option is
    excellent for bird photographers who
    want to have pictures of all our endemics.

  • DATE:  October 7 - 12 , 2016

  • GROUP SIZE:  4 to 8 participants

    May 1 - July 31, 2016
Birding PUERTO RICO is an equal opportunity provider.
As you well know, due to Covid-19 restrictions, some places are still closed to the general
public or have limited capacity.  As always, we are only offering private island-wide half and
full-day birding trips.  We are working on a new website that should be ready on or before
August, 2021.  Our apologies for any inconveniences as the links are not working.  You can
visit our main website at
www.adventourspr.com.  For updates, follow us in Facebook.